Nominating Committee ReportSlate of Nominees 2008

President For the two year term ending June 30, 2010
Kathryn Bowman, Unitarian Church, Davenport, Iowa

Secretary For the two year term ending June 30, 2010
David Martin, Unitarian Universalist Society, Iowa City, Iowa

Directors For the three year term ending June 30, 2011 (two to be elected)
Libby Starling, First Unitarian Society, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Fred Hulting, Unitarian Universalist Church of Minnetonka, Wayzata, Minnesota

Other Offices

Nominating Committee For the two year term ending June 30, 2010 (two to be elected)
Dawn Cooley, UU Fellowship, Northfield, Minnesota
Mark Sanderson, All Souls UU Church, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Midwest Unitarian Universalist Conference For the three year term ending June 30, 2011
Mike Smith, First Unitarian Church, Des Moines, Iowa

Submitted by the 2007-08 Nominating Committee:
Andrea Purdy Heier, Chair
Dawn Cooley
Barbara Kellett
Graham Kreiker
Mark Sanderson


Biographical Information

Kathy Bowman President
Kathryn L. Bowman has been a member of the Davenport Unitarian Church since 1976. Prior to assuming a leadership role as board clerk and board president, she served as chair of the social concerns committee and a religious education teacher. She served as interim DRE. She has also served as a trainer for Our Whole Lives (OWL) facilitators in PSD and also an OWL facilitator in her local congregation. She chaired the District Seventh Year Review Task Force. She has served on the PSD Board since 2001 having been Treasurer and Vice-President. Kathy has served one year as PSD President filling an unexpired term.
Dave Martin Secretary
Dave Martin has been a member of the UU Society of Iowa City for over 30 years. During that time he has served in a variety of leadership roles, including Board Trustee, Treasurer, and Board President. He has taught AYS classes and been chair of the Stewardship Campaign. He served on the PSD Program Council and has been on the staff of the Midwest Leadership School. He is head of the Business Library at the University of Iowa.
Fred Hulting Director
Fred Hulting has been a member of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Minnetonka for the past 12 years. During that time, Fred has filled a variety of leadership roles, including Board Trustee and Board President. He also enjoys teaching RE classes, and is currently the Finance Chair at UUCM. Fred works for General Mills as a Director in the Research and Development organization. Fred has served one year on the PSD Board filling an unexpired term.
Libby Starling Director
Libby Starling joined the First Unitarian Society of Minneapolis in fall 1992. At FUS, she served on the Search Committee and on the Board of Trustees for five years, including as vice-chair and chair. Libby is currently a member of the UUA’s Midwest Regional Subcommittee on Candidacy. Professionally, Libby is the Research Manager for the Metropolitan Council of the Twin Cities. She is completing one term as PSD Secretary.
Dawn Cooley Nominating Committee
Dawn Cooley has been participating in the PSD, in a variety of capacities, since 2000. Prior to her current positions as director of Stonetree Congregational Resources of PSD and consulting minister to the UU Fellowship of Northfield (MN), she worked with young adults and campus ministry in the district, visited many congregations as guest speaker, and maintained professional leadership roles at the congregational level. Dawn graduated from United Theological Seminary in 2004. She has served one year as an appointed member of the Nominating Committee.
Mark Sanderson Nominating Committee
Mark Sanderson has been an involved member in his local UU congregation, All Souls Church, Sioux Falls, SD, for the past 28 years. With a background in teaching and social work, Mark presently works as a case manager and teacher in a Fatherhood and Family: Inside & Out program whose mission is to help in the transition of an incarcerated person into his family after his release from prison.. Mark has served PSD as a Board member and a Resource Liaison. He is completing his first term on the Nominating Committee.
Michael Smith Midwest Unitarian Universalist Conference
Michael Smith is a member of First Unitarian Church, Des Moines, IA. He has served as a member of its board of trustees, has chaired the finance committee and canvasses, advised the youth group, and participated in many other activities. He served on the Prairie Star District Board including two terms as Treasurer and is completing his first term as Midwest UU Conference Representative.