The PSD 2008 Annual Conference was held April 11–13 in Omaha, Nebraska.

The Banner Parade featured more than 20 banners from congregations all over the District. The Keynote Address, “Who Bears the Burden?” was given by Charlie Clements, President and Chief Executive Officer of UUSC. The Judy Lecture was given by Rev. Meg Riley, Director of Advocacy and Witness, UUA Awards were presented at the Saturday Awards Luncheon, and the President’s Award at the Annual Business Meeting Saturday afternoon. (Howard Guthmann, Unity, St. Paul, MN, the recipient of the President’s Award, was not present.) The 2008 Annual Report, as presented at the meeting, is available online. The Treasurer’s Report presented at the meeting to accompany the Financial Report in the 2008 Annual Report is available online. The slate of nominees was approved. Saturday’s banquet concluded with music from the conference choir, The Barbershop Quartet “Yesterdays Kids,” and Mark Carney, Will Wetzel, Tab Berger and Alex Nekoranec, and comedy by Darrell Draper. Saturday evening finished with a worship service presented by the youth attending the conference. Conference participants worshiped together Sunday morning.

PSD AC2008 Photos

Banner Parade

Banner Parade
Second Omaha
Second Omaha
First Omaha
First Omaha
Storm Lake
Storm Lake


Charlie Clements
Charlie Clements
Meg Riley
Meg Riley


Judith Harrington and Nancy Miller
Judith Harrington, Cedar Falls, IA, accepts the Keeping the Faith award on behalf of Kamyar Enshayan from Nancy Miller.
Carolyn MacDonald and Nancy Miller
Carolyn MacDonald, All Souls, Kansas City, MO, receives the Keeping the Faith award from Nancy Miller.
Helen Deffenbacher and Nancy Miller
Helen Deffenbacher, First Omaha, NE, receives the Adult Social Justice Award from Nancy Miller.
Lori Allen
Lori Allen, Ames, IA, about to receive the Ellie Morton Award.

Kathy Klink-Zeitz, Cedar Falls, IA, accepts the Unsung UU Award on behalf of Mildred Pierce from Nancy Miller.
Dave Nicklin and Walt Wells
Dave Nicklin, First Omaha, NE, accepts the Betty Gorshe Award on behalf of Marie Bradley Helms from Walt Wells
Bob and Sue Hamilton
Bob and Sue Hamilton, receiving the Betty Gorshe Award.

Random shots

Violinist at Youth Worship
Violinist at Youth Worship
John and Dawn Cooley
John and Dawn Cooley, making the computers work
Barbershop Quartet
The barbershop quartet
Darrel Draper
Darrel Draper, Second Omaha, NE
Claryce Evans
Claryce Evans, Sioux City, IA
Mary Kathryn Wallace
Mary Kathryn Wallace, Iowa City, IA
Cheri Cody
Cheri Cody, Second Omaha, NE, talks about the National Religious Campaign Against Torture
Lunch: two viewpoints

Next year in Duluth: April 3-5, 2009!




Photos courtesy of Sam Wormley, Ames, IA