Workshops C - Saturday, 3:15 to 4:30 p.m.

C1: Come into the Circle: Worshiping with Children

Michelle Richards, Religious Education Program Consultant for Central Midwest District and Rev. Phillip Lund, PSD Lifespan Program Director

Based on Michelle Richards’s new book, this workshop is about taking the worry out of planning children’s worship and replacing it with wisdom and joy. From setting worship goals to choosing child friendly-hymns to finding stories that illustrate our UU principles, Come Into the Circle is for anyone who wants to create lively and inspired worship for children—and adults. Great for family worship, too!

C2: Campus Ministry in a Nutshell

Sherry Warren, PSD Youth and Young Adult Specialist

Curious about what it takes to run a campus ministry group? Want to know more about how to start, sustain, and incorporate a campus ministry group into your congregational life? Meet Sherry Warren, Prairie Star District Youth and Young Adult specialist, and learn what resources are available for your congregation to reach out to students in your area.

C3: Reclaiming Our Heritage: Leading in a UU Congregation

Cheri Cody,Second Unitarian Church, Omaha, NE

In the book The Almost Church Michael Durall challenges us to think in new ways about how we lead our congregations. Topics covered in this workshop will include what people are looking for in a church, how churches operate, the job of the leader, and elements of leadership. This workshop is for all levels of leaders in a congregation.

C4: Breaking Through

Chloe Mason Seagrove, All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church, Kansas City, MO

All Souls Kansas City was awarded “Breakthrough Congregation” status at the General Assembly in 2007. Breaking Through is not a one time event but a constant process of community evaluation and continuing growth. Learn how the enculturation of an atmosphere of risk-taking and a “can do” attitude helps All Souls as it continues to evolve and develop as a congregation. Senior Minister Jim Eller and Director of Membership, Chloe Mason Seagrove will lead you through the steps you can take to Breakthrough as a Religious Community.

C5: Video-Editing for Beginners

Dee Smith, White Bear Unitarian Universalist Church, Mahtomedi, MN

Video cameras and editing software have added features and prices have gone down. But the editing of videotape is still challenging, so this workshop is designed to help people getting started with video editing. It will be a hands-on experience of using Apple’s IMovie and Windows Movie Maker.

C6: The Foundation of UU and U.S. Democratic Principles

Carol Johnson and Jennifer Thomas, First Universalist church, Minneapolis, MN

The 2007 General Assembly passed a Responsive Resolution encouraging congregations to learn about issues in voting for people of color. The workshop will provide an overview of the issue of election integrity with a special focus on documented efforts to disenfranchise people of color and what we can do to stop it. We will review recent independent evaluations of voting systems that have revealed serious vulnerabilities in our most common voting systems. Learn what you can do to help at the local, state, and national level to make your voting systems more secure, so we can have confidence that the results of our elections reflect the will of the people. Progress on all other UU issues and Principles depends on our protecting this most fundamental cornerstone of our democracy.

C7: Leading Earth Centered Rituals

Kitty Degler Gaia Community, Kansas City, MO

Whether you want to lead an earth-centered ritual but are not sure how, or you’re looking for ideas to improve the rituals you lead, members of the Gaia Community’s ritual teams will provide highlights from their eight-week Excellence in Ritual course required for aspiring ritualist to join Gaia’s ritual teams. Experiential activities will be included.

C8: Anti-Racist, Anti-Oppressive, Multicultural Unitarian Universalism for All, Part Three

Groundwork, Unitarian Universalist Association, Boston, MA

Note: This is an opportunity to continue or begin the workshop. This thematic workshop also meets for the A8 and B8 time slots. Explore the topic in depth or to attend any one of the sessions.

Learn how to educate yourself and others about race and racism so that you can better organize for racial justice in our communities and the world. Groundwork trainers will help us create anti-racist transformation personally, institutionally, and culturally. Groundwork is a UUA sponsored organization of trainers that helps UUs learn how to be more spiritually alive and justice-centered. This workshop is one of three being offered by Groundwork trainers and is sponsored by the PSD Board of Directors. This workshop is planned for multigenerational participants. Youth, young adults, and adults are all welcome.

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